5 of the Best Bike Scenes in Cinema

5 of the Best Bike Scenes in Cinema

Christmas day has come and gone. We can all weep together. Looking on the bright side, however - with most of the country under Tier 4 lockdown rules, a lot more of you, I’m sure, are finding a bit of free time on your hands at the moment. If the December winds are just a little too biting, or if those leftover turkey sandwiches with stuffing and cranberry sauce are just a little too inviting for you to get out on the bike today, then here’s a few movies for you to get your biking fix from the comfort of the couch.

  1. E.T.

We all know the Spielberg classic well - the heart-warming tale of a young boy who finds an alien and befriends him before he heads back home. The most iconic scene in the film and, possibly, in cinema itself sees Elliott and E.T. ride hard on Elliott’s bike, take off, and soar across the skies, eclipsing the moon as they go. Pure Spielberg movie magic.

  1. Road to Perdition

The film opens with young Michael Sullivan, the son of our protagonist rolling into town through the snow on his bike. That crisp white blanket and the cool winter breeze, set with that swelling score from Thomas Newman behind it, inspire such a spirit of optimism and a youthful fervour. Little does Michael know that his father works as an enforcer for the Irish mob, and his life is about to change when he see’s something he shouldn’t.

  1. Un Chien Andalou

Far more famous a film for its gruesome absurdity than for its biking, the film does, in the midst of the eyeball slicing, horse heads and unending strangeness, find time for a little trek out on the bike. Pierre Batcheff is dressed as a nun with ants crawling out of a hole in his hand, but that’s beside the point. Salvador Dali and Luis Bunuel helm this early surrealist classic.

  1. Transporter 3

The best thing about campy mid-2000s action movies is, usually, how terrible they are. When faced with the choice between something that looks awesome and something that actually makes sense, the film-maker usually leaves the latter in the dust. In this case, the Transporter, played by Jason Statham, uses a BMX bike to catch up (successfully) with a car going at full speed, as he pursues an enemy through the streets. I think even Sam Bennett would struggle with that task.

  1. Pee Wee’s Big Adventure

In 1985, the former US marine turned childrens entertainer, Pee Wee Herman, got a movie. Why not? With the creative bankruptcy crippling Hollywood at the moment, I’m sure there’s a remake on the horizon, too. Rather than a particular scene, this film takes Pee Wee from one wacky scenario to the next as he pursues the thief of his most prized possession. “He stole my bike!”

Hopefully, these movies, between the pigs in blankets and endless chocolate, will give you a bit of inspiration over the weekend, or, at the very least, some entertainment as we head toward the new year.