An Update

An Update

It’s a busy time for the team here at Veloflow – winters hooks finally seem to be loosening over the weather and we’re seeing a bit more sun and warmth than we have done for a good six months. More sun and longer days, of course, mean more rides! With the season kicking into gear, we thought we’d let you guys in on where we’re at as a company and the changes we’re going to make as the year progresses.

  1. The Stock

To the irritation of many, including us here in the office and, I'm sure, yourself also, we’ve been out of stock of our caffeinated strand of Veloflow for a little while now. Ingredient shortages have meant that we haven’t been able to get the pink stuff back in stock for a number of months, so we’ve been relying on the caffeine-free variety to see us through our rides (it’s 40% off right now and still packs a wallop, by the way). Fortunately, however, our caffeine fix will be sorted soon, with stock expected back in mid-May!

  1. The Team

You might have seen a smattering of classic shots of our riders on our Facebook and Instagram pages in recent weeks. We’ve been getting a bit of a nostalgia buzz recently to that end and so, with the weather improving, we’re starting up again! The coronavirus made it impossible to legally get out there on group rides last year but now, with restrictions lifting, and our new team leader Gary Henley on board, we’re almost ready to go again!

  1. The Website

Change is inevitable and it’s often good – change brings the fresh, the new and the inspired. We’ve felt for a while that our website was a little outdated and a bit basic so, at the end of this week, we’re relaunching! Very soon, you'll see a new site that’s cleaner and easier to navigate, with new content all based around the drink we love!

  1. The Design

On the topic of change, we’ve been in the mood for updates recently and that applies to the design of our tubs, bidons and sachets as well as the website on which they’ll be so beautifully displayed. In the coming months, we’ll be looking to redesign our range, giving it a fresh, sleek new look, while still packing all the punch of the Veloflow you love. Keep your eyes peeled for that in the coming months!

We’re glad you’re a fan of our drink. We love it too, and we wouldn’t sell it if we didn’t, so here’s to new things in a new time. Here’s to change and improvement. See you on the road!