Another Lockdown: What Can We Do?

Another Lockdown: What Can We Do?

As you will, no doubt, be aware, the Prime Minister put into effect a third UK lockdown earlier this week. This means that all non-essential businesses are to be closed indefinitely and the general public are encouraged to stay home unless they need to travel for reasons that are absolutely necessary. We are, however, still allowed out for one “non-essential” reason – exercise. Let’s break it down.

Much like in November and March before that, we are allowed out to exercise, in whatever capacity we should choose. It could be a casual walk, a jog or, yes, thank goodness, a bike ride. The stipulations placed upon us are that we must exercise:

  1. Locally

“What constitutes local?” you might ask. The government have defined local as being “the village, town or part of the city where you live.” It is deliberately kept vague as they want people to exercise good judgement, rather than put in place a specific boundary that could inconvenience various people.

  1. Only with Specific People

We are advised to keep our exercise excursions as small as possible, either with members of our households or support bubbles, or with one other person from outside of those groups. While doing so, the government advise that social distancing be maintained with that one other person at all times.

  1. Once Per Day

The aim is not that people do not exercise, but rather so that the virus is contained as much as possible, exercise is limited to once per day. You might be able to get away with that second dog walk though.

British Cycling, the UK’s official cycling body, echoed the governments regulations on the 5th, stating that “Following this evening’s announcement, all British Cycling events and activities in England are suspended. You can continue to cycle either alone, with members of your household/bubble or with one other person. This is permitted once daily, and you must stay local. The exemption for elite sport and organised outdoor sport for disabled people remains in place.”