Bradley Wiggins Weighs in on Team Sky Testogel Verdict

Bradley Wiggins Weighs in on Team Sky Testogel Verdict

Famed British cyclist Bradley Wiggins had added his voice to the swell of noise emanating from the official news of Team Sky doctor Richard Freemans guilty verdict late last week. The former Team Sky (now INEOS Grenadiers) and British Cycling doctor has recently been found guilty of acquiring a testosterone-boosting agent called Testogel and it has been decided by the court that this gel was distributed to a rider under his medical authority to enhance performance in a professional setting. The Tour de France winner says that the Freeman case “stinks to high heaven” and that a further investigation into what went down with the Testogel acquisition and distribution is clearly needed.

On his Eurosport podcast earlier this week, Wiggins stated that “The whole thing stinks to high heaven. It’s been ten years now, but it wants looking into further. Yes, he’s been found guilty, and it falls on his head but who else’s head does it fall on? Now, can we look into it a bit further and ask ‘what exactly happened? Someone must know.”

The degree of scrutiny is not unwarranted, considering the magnitude of the verdict and all that it implies, but Wiggins is adamant that he does not believe the Testogel was for a rider. One would not wish to approach his words with any degree of cynicism, considering what he, as a personality and as a competitor, means for the sport in Great Britain, but it does beg the question of how close he was to the situation or if he were involved at all (of which there is no evidence). Instead, he suggests that a further investigation is needed to get to the bottom of who exactly the Testogel was ordered for, in order to clear the air and dissipate the grey cloud that has thickened in the wake of the verdict.

Wiggins continues “Because otherwise, the duty of care…you know my son is in there with British Cycling at the moment, is this sort of stuff going on? ‘Oh sh*t, accidentally a whole load of testosterone’s come in’ and no-one knows…you’re jeopardising your duty of care towards athletes, peoples’ kids, peoples’ husbands and wives. The people that are in there in this GB system that we’ve got that’s won medals with all this public money…it’s not good enough.”

The Tour de France winner’s commitment to his team cannot be called into question but, as a former member both of Team GB and Team Sky, his insistence that the Testogel couldn’t have been for a rider comes as no surprise. There is of course, no proof of any wrongdoing on his part, nor would one wish to suggest otherwise. We at Veloflow hope for swift clarification over the situation and we hope for the innocent findings of all the riders responsible for such an inspiring display of British cycling. They were, and still are, inspirations for us all as we hit the hills in the saddle.