Cycle the UK

Cycle the UK

In light of last week’s article about the best cycling zones worldwide, and with the prospect of a lovely summer holiday abroad looking less and less likely this year, we at Veloflow thought we’d take a look at what we can do on the (occasionally) sunny British Isles. Even if we’d really rather be elsewhere, we want to look on the bright side. Our little island has gorgeous rolling hills, sandy coastline, green fields and snowy peaks, all packed into one land mass. There’s loads to explore! Here’s a couple of our top picks to inspire you as you make your summer travel plans.

  1. The Yorkshire Dales

Starting off with a special one that’ll hold a place in the heart of all hardcore road racing enthusiasts, the Two Valleys route through the Yorkshire Dales National Park served as the Grand Depart for the 2014 edition of the Tour de France. Sadly, while starting in the UK, it was the one year in what might have been seven in a row where the General Classification wasn’t won by a British Rider. All the same, the route boasts green pastures, country pubs, castles and a couple of quite serious hills to climb before you enjoy the beautiful scenery on the descent. One to add to the calendar.

  1. Snowdonia

The finest cycling Wales has to offer, Snowdonia boasts a ski resort embedded in the Cambrian mountains. The romantically named “National Cycle Route 8” runs straight through Snowdonia National Park, the Wye Valley and the Cambrian Mountains, finishing up in Cardiff. It is split into a North and South section and the total length of the pathways is 300 miles. You could see it all in a week and come back with wonderful tales of peaks, snow and afternoons spent in sunny beer gardens along the way. Coincidentally, Veloflow began in Cardiff, so make sure you pick up a tub before you set off to explore!

  1. Exmoor National Park

From Cardiff, Wales, we continue South. For a taste of the English coast, head to Exmoor. Wood and heathlands galore trim the cycle paths as you make your way along the coast right next to the sea. The Exmoor cycle route runs 60 miles through some of the most beautiful countryside that Devonshire has to offer and boasts a few serious hills along the way. Fill up on Veloflow to power your way to the top and enjoy the sea views below!

  1. The Peak District

Perfect for a family adventure, get the kids into cycling with the Tissington Trail through the Peak District. At 13 miles in length, it’s a manageable route for all ages and takes you along the stunning peaks. Take in the peaceful air as you go, enjoy the silence away from the hustle and bustle of towns and cities. Despite its relatively small size, it’s a place where you can find real tranquillity.

Hopefully, these suggestions can spark your mind and get you thinking about where to head this summer if you haven’t started planning already! The U.K. has some of the most beautiful landscapes out there and it’s right on our doorstep. Load up the Veloflow and let’s go and explore!