Cycling Worldwide: We Miss It

Cycling Worldwide: We Miss It

Oh, to be a pro cyclist! Chris Froome has recently finished up a two-week training camp on the island of Tenerife and spoke to the press about the good form of the riders around him as they go into the early races of the year. After finishing up on the island, he and the rest of the Israel Start-Up Nation team will hop on over to Spain for the Volta a Catalunya, as he works his way toward his big goal of the year – the Tour de France. It’s like being on holiday 24-7, isn’t it? Where’s my two-week island cycling vacation?

I joke, of course. The whole team, certainly, is hard at work preparing for the main bulk of the season ahead, but it did get the team at Veloflow thinking: wouldn’t we all love to be out on the road overseas enjoying the sun? To feel a cool breeze blow through our hair while coasting down a hillside we don’t see nearly often enough? It set the mind racing, thinking of all the possibilities worldwide. There are countless places we’d love to be, no doubt, but here’s a few to get you inspired.

  1. The Apennine Mountains – Italy

For the best of European beauty, you need look no further than Italy and the Apennines represent the very best that Italy has to offer. Stretching from the centre of the country all the way down the “calf” of the boot, and ending by the sea, you can climb up and glide down multiple smaller peaks or give Monte Sibillini a go if you’re feeling brave. Wherever you decide to go, you’ll find rolling green hills, vineyards and stone towns in your sights, each with their own specialities of food and wine, before making your way to the blue Adriatic. Who could ask for more?

  1. Cape Town – South Africa

One of three capitals of beautiful South Africa, Cape Town is considered the “cultural capital” of the country. Sitting at the foot of Table Mountain and looking all the way out over the South Atlantic Ocean, the city is bordered on all sides by wineries, the best Africa has ever seen. So much variety of landscape and culture would surely make for a stunning road trip, starting at the beach and making your way up into the hills behind.

  1. Chamonix – France

Whether you’re somewhere hot or cold, the winter months always bring snow to mind. Right now, the French Alps are covered with it but, in a couple of months, it’ll be as lush and green a place as any on earth. Ready for a summer ride? The snow melts away and the thought of skiing becomes but a memory. A swig of Veloflow at the peak of Mont-Blanc (though we’re not sure you could bike your way up there) and some fondue and a stein of beer at the foot sounds like a dream right now.

Those are our picks for top cycling destinations worldwide. Those are the places we’d love to be right now. What about you?