The Rise of British Cycling

The Rise of British Cycling

British cycling has seen a bit of an uptick in the last decade. From amateurs on Boris bikes to professionals taking Grand Tours by storm, the whole country looks, more and more, to be trading four wheels in for two.

This is illustrated best by looking at Great Britain’s exploits in the Tour de France over the last decade – having never done so in the century of history that precedes it, we’ve since won it six times! From Bradley Wiggins and those unmistakeable sideburns to Geraint Thomas and, of course, not forgetting the embodiment of British sport that is Chris Froome, one of only five people in history ever to win it more than thrice and the first to do so in. Great Britain looks to be going from strength to strength as it racks up the achievements and gets moving!

Let’s focus on Chris Froome for a minute here. Born in Kenya to British parents, and growing up in South Africa, he represents the best and most classic example of British culture being at the heart of his commitment to home. His parents would keep traditions like Sunday roasts and often listen to the Beatles as he grew up, which he cites as a key influence in his decision to represent Great Britain as a sportsman, despite not actually being born there. His upbringing is almost a relic, at this point, of Britain’s colonial past, bringing together the best the world has to offer and incorporating it all under one banner, to great effect.

With more day to day activity, the progress and achievement follows basically the same trend – more and more people are getting rolling every day. In the cities, more people than ever before are eschewing cars and public transport in favour of biking around the place. It’s cheaper, more convenient, you don’t have to find parking, you can ride one after more than two pints (the only problem arising there being balance). With cool wind in your hair, the world is your oyster (forget the Oyster card!). In the country it’s much the same story – everyone has to get to the pub somehow. There’s also more of a recreational aspect out there. Green trees and rolling hills make the perfect backdrop to a lovely afternoon on a bike. You can go and get completely lost and never have been happier.

All ages, old and young, rich and poor, fat and thin are taking up the bike by the score as Britain gets moving. A gym can be so stuffy and crowded. You have to wait to use certain machines and there are always inquisitive eyes peering no matter where you are. Bikes are different. Grab it and go. As the market for biking grows, so too does the need for supplements and performance enhancers.

Enter Veloflow: giving you a carb boost as you ride, and with guaranteed no bonk, you’ll be far less limited by your physical fitness. It’ll grow, and so will your love of the road. Britain is the home of the modern bike, as we know it today, following the design by J.K. Starley, all the way back in the 1880s. Britain freed the common man from the limitations of legged travel, without the need for costly and time-consuming horses, or expensive cars. It’s encouraging, then, to see such a passion for cycling growing once again.