Veloflow Breakdown Part 3: Caffeine

Veloflow Breakdown Part 3: Caffeine

Nearly everyone loves caffeine. Whether it be a can of coke, a coffee or a sugary snack, most people, at least subconsciously, understand the immediate benefits of caffeine when used as part of a balanced diet. Caffeine is particularly effective as a performance booster for endurance athletes, which is why we at Veloflow have made it one of our three most important ingredients in our mix. You might be wondering, however, what caffeine actually is. Why does it help so much while exercising? How does it actually affect your body while exercising? Let’s break it down.

First of all – how does it work? The main reason we include caffeine as part of our mix is that it is absorbed by the body incredibly quickly. When you’re out on a ride, you might feel a bit of pain coming on and you’ll need that quick fix to power you up to carry on. The caffeine in Veloflow provides this in spades. Once absorbed, the second reason that caffeine is so important to our blend is that it affects multiple areas of the body: the nervous system is activated, improving focus and reaction time, the fat-burning process is stimulated, an endorphin release is stimulated, giving you that “high” that so many people experience during an exercise session. The basics are this: it’s easily absorbed and positively affects multiple parts of the body, all gearing you toward a better and more high-powered ride.

Multiple studies have confirmed the efficacy of caffeine when combined with carbohydrates, particularly in endurance sports. This particular one (available here: found that carbs alone improved performance in endurance athletes by 4.5%. When combined with caffeine, however, that performance improvement was elevated to 9%. That’s a big difference when you need that extra push up Box Hill!

Beyond being an effective performance booster during exercise, caffeine can also help with bodily recovery after the ride is done. Studies found that the use of caffeine after exercise is complete increased muscle glycogen by 66% four hours post-exercise when using a carb drink that incorporated caffeine, rather than a carb drink without. This increase in muscle glycogen helps to speed up recovery and can make our body ready for the next workout or ride that much sooner.

If you’re still unconvinced, try a couple of samples of Veloflow on your next ride and see how different you feel. We’re certain you’ll be flying up those hills with a bottle of the pink stuff between your knees! Give it a try today!