About Us

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Veloflow products have been created by passionate cyclists serious about their performance. Veloflow was founded by Cardiff based, Nathan Adams when he was 43 years of age. Having ridden as a youth for the Welsh National Team at both track and road discipline, Nathan like most amateur cyclist, got absorbed in life, business and family. In 2015 Nathan decided that he would take his cycling serious again and set some big goals to compete once more at senior national level and world championships. During his training and competition it became apparent that whilst there are many drinks, supplements and other forms of sports nutrition, none seemed to satisfy the needs for his age, training intensity and competition requirements. Veloflow was born by consulting sports nutrition scientist whilst blending well researched and commonly known components required for high level endurance cycling and sport.

Our aim is to blend our passion for endurance cycling and sports by producing high quality products that meet the demands of serious cyclists willing to push themselves to higher levels of physical performance. No matter what level you are at, we believe every ride can be a better ride. Veloflow is there to help your mental strength as much as your physical capabilities by being there just when you need it. Veloflow will help you attack those hills harder, sprint stronger and flats faster.

no bonk guarantee

Veloflow has a no compromise attitude and we want all our formulas and products to deliver great results. We don’t just use ingredients for fun in tiny amounts to say we use them, instead we use them in the right quantities based on scientific studies so that our products pack the punch you need to perform. All our products are produced in outstanding facilities that are GMP certified with relevant ISO accreditations and come supported with the Veloflow “NO BONK GUARANTEE”. If you use our products and follow our instructions and feel like you bonked then we will offer you your money back.*

Our Veloflow Test Team can be found riding the Welsh hills training hard and competing around the UK. Riding the same roads as Tour de France winner Geraint Thomas, Veloflow riders often ride with professionals from various cycling disciplines in order to test products and continually develop the Veloflow range.

*we are happy to refund you for any product you buy from us if you feel it has not delivered the performance effects desired. Simply send the remainder of your product back and we will refund you the remainder of what is left minus any p&p. All product will be weighed and refunded at a pro rata rate.